Friday, 29 January 2016

Google will stop supporting Vista....

I just received a notice this morning...
Google won't support Vista or OS for apple this really sucks.
I'm not ready to buy a new computers only to be able to get updates from Google, I'll simply stop using Google. This means I won't be posting on this blog or visiting blogs on this platform.
Thank you very much Google as far as I know Vista is still supported by Microsoft no reason to pull the plug so early.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wind proof mittens

Winter is here...

It's been here for over a month but I didn't post anything after loosing my cat and I didn't feel really good for over 2 weeks.
It was time to pick up the needles and make something useful ... mittens.
Winter here is quite long and usually very cold and windy, mostly regular mittens don't keep your fingers from freezing.
Using some of my hand spun to make those mittens, pretty easy fair isle design no big deal but this wouldn't be enough to keep my hands warm.
There was a locks sampler that were waiting to get into some action.
It took me few tries and errors to find a good way to secure the locks at last it worked great.
Now I'm the proud owner of real wind proof mittens.
These locks will felt with wear and time making a nice warm and fuzzy lining.
 I'm ready to head out whatever this winter is bringing.

Thursday, 10 December 2015

RIP Jules

May 2002 - December 11 2015
Aurevoir Jules.
Sweet and gentle cat you will be missed.
Will always keep you in my heart.

Thursday, 3 December 2015

Baa-ble Hat

Usually I don't follow trends but this was too cute to not hop on the wagon.
This is a free download.

My own version.
First of all when reading the pattern 96 increasing to 120 stitches was looking more than what I would normally do, I didn't want to modified the pattern, I didn't change to larger needles neither.
I have use John Arbon KBN56 for the ribbing and some of my own handspun for the background, leftover bouclé for the sheep with some black cotton.
Here is the resulting hat.
Fall in Sheep

It was nice but way too large so instead of unravel and redo I have opted for felting/shrinking it.
making it thicker and warmer, so I place it in a laundry bag and in the washing machine it went.

Now it fits perfectly.

Thursday, 12 November 2015

Le poinçonneur des lilas...

I was looking at this skein and
though it would make a nice shawl, it's only 100 grams
I did a search on Ravelry and found this pattern:
A nice shawl with a lacy border, fast and easy to knit on the go you can put it down and take 
back exactly where you were at easily.
Before blocking.

While blocking
The little ball is what I got left from the skein. 

After blocking

While knitting all those little holes this made me think of Serge Gaingsbourg and his song
Le poinçonneur des lilas.
I found this video on youtube with the English translation.

Monday, 2 November 2015

West Coast Colour...

This was my prize from Team Canada 
on the TDF2015.

The colourway name is:   P.M.S.
65% Polwarth, 10% Silk, 25% Yearling Mohair.

It's an absolute soft delight to spin never a dull moment while the colours keep changing and it's keeping you spinning.
This was so much fun to spin.

I have opted for  Navajo plying for this beautiful yarn.
I like this resulting skein, it was a real pleasure working this top.
I would love to buy some more in the future.
I did check the website it's under construction so I guess it would be easier
to contact her directly on Ravelry:   Sheepkeeper.
Thanks for the wonderful prize.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Mill Membership

I'm a mill member at John Arbon Textiles
 My membership spinner package,
Mini skein (knit by number), card/needle gauge, 2 buttons, 200g top
and a cute project bag.
This top included is absolutely fantastic.
200g Top
Captain PolD'arles
80% Organically Farmed Polwarth
10% Merino D'arles driftwood
10% Merino D'arles chestnut

This top is simply amazing soft and bouncy processed to perfection, no nepps.
It's pure pleasure to spin this fiber.

The natural colours are gorgeous.
The resulting yarn is beautiful.

212 grams, 2 plies, 992 yards of bouncy soft yarn.
This was delight, I can recommend this mill for their great tops, way better than the most well known large companies tops I have spun so far.
This is my own opinion and this is not a sponsored post.