Tuesday, 25 August 2015

Christy's challenge...

While browsing on Ravelry I found this challenge.
I received about 100 grams of beautiful Cotswold locks.
Already washed and ready to card.  I decided to card instead of combing because most of the locks were a little too short and It would have wasted too much and I would have ended up with a very skinny skein.

I turned it into a huge batt.

Started spinning away...

and plied...

Then it went for a colorful bath...
Here is the resulting skein for the contest entry.
I really love how it turned out beautiful and lustrous.
Now I wonder how long I'm going to be able to wait before I start knitting this yarn...it's just so tempting.

Friday, 14 August 2015

Just a little spinning

I have been back to spinning.
This is some fibers prizes from the TDF 2015

Northern Lights in violet colorway.

Here is my resulting skein,
73 grams, 2 plies, 208 yards.
This was fun to spin, the colors are nice, the poling is good and pleasant to the eye.
It makes me think of the palette from some Monet's paintings.

Monday, 3 August 2015

Dragonfly wings

Few months ago I have participated to a giveaway from:
I have won
a skein of Knit by Numbers
John Arbon of Fibre Harvest

This yarn is 100% merino, it is dreamy soft the twist is just perfect and the colour is yummy.

I have been looking for a while at a beautiful shawl/wrap from Boo Knits
and it is a free to download on Ravelry
It was the perfect timing I would be a little short on yarn but in my stash there was some of my handspun merino/silk darker but would work perfectly to make the border.
Lucky there was some pearly pink beads too and I was having enough to complete the project.

Here it is blocked/drying no sun... so I guess the beauty shots will have to wait.
This pattern was a charm, very well written usually I use the charts but this time I just kept going with the written instructions, it looks absolutely gorgeous and it is easy if you know how to use YO to increase and K2tog to decrease, I used a 1mm crochet to place the beads on the stitches easy as pie.