Monday, 29 June 2015

Getting ready for The Tour de Fleece...

This year I'm a participant in The Tour de Fleece, my first year so I'm a rookie at this I decided to buy some prepared fibers as I didn't received any Pickwick fleece yet.
I have pick the June Spinzilla Fibre Packs from Louet at the  Boutique Fibre Detours  it's a very nice assortment of fibers.


Karaoke... wool/soysilk




and of course some silk
plus 4 packs of 100g of  colourful merino this should keep me spinning this July.
I'm cleaning the wheel wiping all oil residues and getting it all clean and ready for more oil.

Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Gail... aka Nightsongs

This was my first attempt at a shawl without a spine...
Here is my project bag and the pickwick yarn I used for the main body.

A very entertaining knitting and reading...

I really enjoyed how the yarn luster keeps giving with this design.

It is completed but the weather is not cooperating today and probably for few more no blocking yet.
For the border I have been using a skein of my "unloved" handspun merino.

The garden fabulous poppies will be taken down by the rain too...

Wishing the sunshine and some quite warmer weather soon, because it's been cold even the tomatoes and cucumbers are refusing to grow much.

Wednesday, 10 June 2015

A partially sunny day...

At last
The sun dared showing briefly...
I rushed to wash and block finish the blanket/shawl, it's been waiting for over 10 days.

Here it is, the sun barely shining but it's the best day I could find as more rain is on the way tonight.

I have used some of my hand spun merino superwash and knitted until it was all used up.
I started for the larger version and did only the lace chart once, I love this pattern Dangan by Carol Feller.

Soft cables and lace .... cozy and comfortable.

I'm already sorting for another project... more pictures soon.