Friday, 29 January 2016

Google will stop supporting Vista....

I just received a notice this morning...
Google won't support Vista or OS for apple this really sucks.
I'm not ready to buy a new computers only to be able to get updates from Google, I'll simply stop using Google. This means I won't be posting on this blog or visiting blogs on this platform.
Thank you very much Google as far as I know Vista is still supported by Microsoft no reason to pull the plug so early.

Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Wind proof mittens

Winter is here...

It's been here for over a month but I didn't post anything after loosing my cat and I didn't feel really good for over 2 weeks.
It was time to pick up the needles and make something useful ... mittens.
Winter here is quite long and usually very cold and windy, mostly regular mittens don't keep your fingers from freezing.
Using some of my hand spun to make those mittens, pretty easy fair isle design no big deal but this wouldn't be enough to keep my hands warm.
There was a locks sampler that were waiting to get into some action.
It took me few tries and errors to find a good way to secure the locks at last it worked great.
Now I'm the proud owner of real wind proof mittens.
These locks will felt with wear and time making a nice warm and fuzzy lining.
 I'm ready to head out whatever this winter is bringing.