Friday, 31 October 2014


Milkweed or Asclépiade
This is a toxic plant, to be exact the sap/latex is, so waiting to collect until the plant is drying out is a must.  Once dry it is safe to touch it.  It's good to keep few plants around to help the monarch butterflies as it is their primary feeding, they do lay their eggs on it and the caterpillars will munch on the leaves.

I had few pods left on the dried plants and I wanted to experiment with some of it.
This is how it looks like when you open a pod.

This is what I get once I pulled off the seeds.

The fibers are softer than silk and very light, it's good to work in an area without any drafts or it will fly all over the place.  The thermal properties of this fiver are higher than wool and even duvet, so this could be used as filling/insulation.

I have mixed some with some wasted wool and spun a little for a test run.

This could make a wonderful yarn to work as weft weaving, it's lustrous and so soft.
I will have to experiment more but I really like the way it feels.

Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Comfortable socks

I finally washed and been taking few pictures of my winter socks, they are simple no lace, no cables but the most comfortable socks.

I used the over spun yarn and the same template as usual except I made them longer so for the last part of the ribs I used two sizes larger needles, that way I can turn it into a cuff or not.

I'm very happy with the result and the yarn is feeling like silk shiny and soft and they will last longer than regular yarn even without nylon, it's really the pleasure of pure wool, warm and dry.

It worths the effort to have cozy feet next winter :)

Friday, 10 October 2014

Apple picking...

Last weekend it was time to go pick some fresh cortland apples.

It was a gorgeous sunny day.

I like this place, beautiful orchard (Joe Giguère) Ile d'Orléans 
great people.

They do sell some delicious ice cider and of course vinegar the real thing unpasteurized, I take 1 tsp a day ... 

Thursday, 2 October 2014

Time goes by...and heal

It was a busy time picking from the garden... I forget to take pictures.
tasty grapes

and my favorite green :)

For the first time in months I have done some combing and spinning.
this is some of english leicester locks I didn't processed from last year,  this been taking forever 500 yards of extra fine 2 ply... it is over spun to weave,
but for some unknown reason I can get back to weaving, maybe it's because the last time I did it was the placemats for mother's day, so I changed my mind and started knitting socks...
I did use a cone to make my life easier, over spun yarn just want to twist on itself so it's safer on a cone... and who would say you can't spin lace yarn on the ashford country spinner....