Thursday, 2 October 2014

Time goes by...and heal

It was a busy time picking from the garden... I forget to take pictures.
tasty grapes

and my favorite green :)

For the first time in months I have done some combing and spinning.
this is some of english leicester locks I didn't processed from last year,  this been taking forever 500 yards of extra fine 2 ply... it is over spun to weave,
but for some unknown reason I can get back to weaving, maybe it's because the last time I did it was the placemats for mother's day, so I changed my mind and started knitting socks...
I did use a cone to make my life easier, over spun yarn just want to twist on itself so it's safer on a cone... and who would say you can't spin lace yarn on the ashford country spinner....

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