Monday, 4 August 2014

Summer Time

The spinning wheel been singing a little and today a new born skein is soaking in the sun.
This is from leftover combing the English Leicester... it will need to soak all day and still will probably need some dye... maybe I'll try red onion skins... 

The orchid is in full bloom at the moment

I'm mostly busy outside at the moment... things are growing nicely
peppercorn squash... hmmm this will be tasty

This plant is huge, Turk's Turban, it was just for experiment and seems like it's working so far

potatoes ...another experiment this year... it's flowering at the moment

The blue grapes are not blue yet...

my sweet table green are doing very well...

and surprise a cucumber in the strawberry bed.


  1. Now I will have to go outside and take some pictures too. The last few weeks of heat have made everything spring out and fill the rows. I went to hoe under the spreading squash and felt like I was inside of a horror show where things are grabbing and you.

    1. HI Karyn, The seeds I'm using for squash were from *WestCoast they are producing nicely without spreading all over the place, I wonder if it's the weather, the land or the variety. I was trying to keep up with the weeds but I lost part of the battle over the tomatoes growing this year, I did experiment on the tomatoes not to pick the suckers to get more fruits, well now I'm fighting the jungle....seems like gardening is becoming a scary adventure over here too.