Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Christy's Challenge part 2

Of course I couldn't wait long to start knitting the beautiful yarn.
I have picked the same pattern I have knitted last as it was on the list of patterns to choose from.
Dragonfly wings by Boo Knits
It was just a perfect match for my yarn.

I have started it on Friday September 4th as it was a long weekend I knew I could be done quite fast.
It was finished by September 9th.

The blocking went well and with the weather collaboration it was dry in about an hour.

I just love how it turned out, feather light with a nice drape.
It took me a while to post it as my computer was having hiccups now it is fixed, I'm glad to have a geeky son that could help installing the hardware for me and clean the dust bunnies.
Now it runs like new.