Saturday, 25 January 2014

Pickwickflock sweater/jumper

I just finished knitting it yesterday...
It's not washed/blocked yet, it's on the next week to do list.  It will set the stitches evenly and will open the yarn overs,  I really enjoyed knitting the yarn, the resulting fabric is so squishy soft and warm, exactly what it is needed for the -30c / -40c with the wind chill  we got at the moment.

The pattern is from Drops design... 146-9, I like their patterns they are well written +  charts, the translations on many languages are perfect and they got all the help videos links right on the page if you need them.  

Saturday, 18 January 2014

English Leicester... finally all spun

This fiber was washed last summer but I didn't get the time to spin it, now it's all done.
From the raw 32 ounces I've made this.

3 huge skeins, plus a bouclĂ© yarn with the wasted from the combed fibers.  Combing with extra fine combs and a pass on the hackle to dizz does make a huge difference on the softness for long fibers but it's producing more waste, that way I'm using it all to the last bit.  

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Knitting the Pickwickflock stash

I have started knitting from my Pickwick stash...this should turn into a sweater/jumper...
I love it... it slides on the needles, I'm not a very fast knitter but this is going pretty good started on the 10th and this is as far as I am at the moment.

A cowl too...
I'm calling it my snake cowl it's fun as it could be stacked on layers depending on how cold and windy is the weather...

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Pickwick completed...

I have finished spinning it before Christmas but didn't have the time to wash the last skein (popcorn) as I was too busy, I finally did it yesterday and the weather is kind of grey so it's not the best photos but here it is.
I named this one Popcorn

and here is the entire stash...
Lots of beautiful yarn to play around.