Saturday, 18 January 2014

English Leicester... finally all spun

This fiber was washed last summer but I didn't get the time to spin it, now it's all done.
From the raw 32 ounces I've made this.

3 huge skeins, plus a bouclĂ© yarn with the wasted from the combed fibers.  Combing with extra fine combs and a pass on the hackle to dizz does make a huge difference on the softness for long fibers but it's producing more waste, that way I'm using it all to the last bit.  


  1. You know that I do prayer shawls to be given to chemo patients or shut-ins. It would be wonderful to work with some of your wool. Maybe someday we will be close enough for me to buy some. I am in Cache Creek BC.

  2. Hi Karyn
    This yarn was already reserved and I'm out of fleece at the moment, my source doesn't sell anymore fleece :( I'll have to wait until spring and check with the coop, unless you have a contact willing to sell at a fair price and ship. Anyways if you see or hear something let me know, I'll do my best to provide you some natural and nice yarn if you wish.