Sunday, 26 February 2012

A blog about fiber / Un blog rempli de fibres


This is not about diet. I have to confess for years I've been addicted to fibers, I'm a knitter and I enjoy shopping at the local stores feeling the softness, the colour schemes of their yarns, until they closed one after the other. My options were buying yarns at the large surface stores and getting low quality, knowing very well the results wouldn't meet the time invested. I fired up the computer to my rescue, I started searching for good yarn stores in a larger area to see if I could nourish my addiction, all I found was for one: long distance driving (time + cost of fuel) second: price of yarn. I wasn't happy, I went back searching for on line stores instead, this was an interesting search 100s of on line yarn stores to look at, compare quality, price, shipping and overall services.

It's not like I don't have any patience as you can see I crocheted this large filet curtain... so there was time to start a new adventure. Click here, click there, first I found out most on line stores were from the US and since I'm living in Canada I was trying to find good deals here first but it's not easy the postal fees are very high, so I though to check ebay, really nothing local, looking at the first 3 pages all the sellers were in China, thanks but no thanks. Then I turned looking to the US if I could find something interesting. DBNY yarn girls got some very good quality yarn and fair shipping with sales and discounts, I ordered on January 6th 2012 the order didn't get shipped until January 11th even with payment confirmation on the 6th, delivered on the 17th, the yarn was well packed in perfect condition. For an average of $2.52 per skein including the shipping for top quality well known brand 100% mercerised cotton it was a really good deal as they were selling on this side of the border even on sale from $6.00 to $9.00 per skein and not including the shipping. From my experience, I can say it's worth taking the time to check if you are looking for deals.

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