Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Pickwickflock...cotswold lamb fleece to yarn

Test skein
It was lovely to spin. It's soft, lustrous and a little fuzzy.

Test knit
I knitted it with 4mm Knitter's Pride Dreamz, as it got some fuzz I did try larger needles as I would do for mohair to see how it would react.

Now the real deal!!!

376 yards/150 grams
It is very nice, soft, lustrous... still need a good wash.

The final result...
washed with shampoo and rinse with some hair conditioner, then I used the salad spinner to drain off all the water and to finish a good whack.  The photo is showing it drying.

I named the first skein Big Pearl... and I think it deserved some little ribbons.

This one is even softer as I didn't twist as much as the test one, and it really does make a difference.

It even got a twin!


  1. I would like to read all your comments. I just scanned back to August and your wool work is all fascinating. Your blogs don't come up in my Krunn's Site automatically. Is there a way to get your blogs as you publish them? Maybe you don't want to be bothered with reading other people's comments?

  2. I am going to try connecting on Google Circles up top of here.

  3. Sorry for the delay... just been busy, the comment section was disabled because of the bot spam problem, now it is only open to registered bloggers. If you need more information just let me know I will gladly answer.