Thursday, 2 April 2015

Spring refused to sprung

I was in need of a blanket with the cold weather sticking around.
There was some *bouclé yarn, mill ends from Made in America Yarns:   there is still some but no more natural. I was lucky as this yarn was natural not even scoured, I could smell the sheep, of course there was some waste as 2 of 5 skeins were having knots and a lot of defects.  I scoured it, then dressed the loom and weaved away a double width blanket, as my loom can weave up to 32" I made this 64" but of course there is shrinkage when wet finishing.

I like how it turns out... so soft and squishy.

It is 52" wide and 108" long after washing/fulling.... so it could be used as a regular blanket or a large throw, never ending up with cold toes anymore.
Happy dance.

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