Thursday, 3 December 2015

Baa-ble Hat

Usually I don't follow trends but this was too cute to not hop on the wagon.
This is a free download.

My own version.
First of all when reading the pattern 96 increasing to 120 stitches was looking more than what I would normally do, I didn't want to modified the pattern, I didn't change to larger needles neither.
I have use John Arbon KBN56 for the ribbing and some of my own handspun for the background, leftover bouclé for the sheep with some black cotton.
Here is the resulting hat.
Fall in Sheep

It was nice but way too large so instead of unravel and redo I have opted for felting/shrinking it.
making it thicker and warmer, so I place it in a laundry bag and in the washing machine it went.

Now it fits perfectly.


  1. Beautiful! I thought if I did it in worsted rather than aran that it might fit better, but I'm still not getting a suitable gauge. Hoping to hit it this weekend!

    1. Thanks, for me it was still large on gauge and I'm picky on hat tight fit the light felting worked great for that, good luck with yours.

  2. I love it! The sheep motif is wonderful and that was very clever to full it a bit. Much warmer in addition to the better fit.

    1. Thanks, I couldn't resist to knit this one, yes it is much warmer and with the cold windy weather here It's probably even better that way.