Monday, 24 March 2014

Flu go away!!!

I just finished the legwarmers last Thursday when I started to feel sick again... I wish it was spring here... -10c doesn't feel much like spring and at night  it's getting to a blistering -18c and with the wind it's in fact feeling -28c.  Even the maples are not giving any sap to start the sugar season yet :(

Anyways here are the legwarmers...they fits perfectly with the tights I've knitted  last winter... winter and flu could just take a vacation or simply just go away!!!  I wouldn't mind waiting till next winter to wear those.


  1. My goodness. How far north do you live? We are getting spring finally here and people all over the village are emerging from their winter hibernation and coccooning. This winter's flu was a beast. It keeps returning just when you think it is waning.

  2. I'm just outside Québec City a little north by the airport, my mom still needs me here. I'm not used to get the flu but with this everlasting winter it's like mission impossible.