Sunday, 13 April 2014

Using leftovers...

I don't like to waste hand spun yarns so I was weaving my heart away, it's superwash merino I'm not a big fan of superwash...I don't like to knit it and weaving it made lots of dust bunnies under my loom... when my brother saw it he claimed it right away, so it should be his scarf  birthday gift. 

and this one will turn into a mini bag/blanket for a was some lonely mohair bouclĂ©, it turned out quite nice squishy soft, it's always good to see stashed yarn into finished articles.   
Better uses than sitting sadly in the leftovers basket.  These were my projects this week.
Time to go back to the drawing table for more inspiration.


  1. Blankets for tablets .... what a great idea...maybe I could use some of my left-over Joseph's Coat of Many Colours wool bits to make kindle and e-book covers.

  2. Hi Karyn, thanks, if you are a member of Ravelry they have many free knitting or crochet patterns for phone, kindle and e-book covers.