Saturday, 11 July 2015

Louet and Karaoke

Here is a copy/paste of my comment to their blog as it might never get published on theirs:

Diane F July 11, 2015 at 5:14 pm |  | Reply
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I have spun two different colorways of your Karaoke and those two tops are the worst I ever bought/encounter, I noticed my seller about it and I’m very disappointed with the answer you gave her, it is shameful when knowing your product is of very bad quality to mix it in a pack, in addition of letting down your sellers to deal with the complaints. I can assure you I’m totally unhappy with your ways to do business and I won’t buy any of your products in the future.

I'm posting it here because I doubt it will be published on their blog and to make clear the person whom sell it to me did received complaints from other customers too.... I'm not alone she offered me some fibers of my choice at her own expense... I refused as she won't be compensated for it, it's not her fault but LOUET's fault.
The fact is the fiber is part of a  pack is not an excuse to hide from the customers that some part of it is badly processed at a mill in China where nobody regularly tested the quality before shipping it to their sellers whom will take the hit is totally unfair.  It's not an honest way to treat sellers and customers.
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