Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Tour de Fleece

First week.

Louet North America
Karaoke Tiger Shrimp
50% wool/50% soysilk
225 grams
Made in China

I'm going to be frank here.... 
The colours were very nice, but it's been a real pain in the ....
the fibers were impossible to draft like regular tops, It was like felt and the only way I could start to do anything with it was to open the roll separate the fibers in 4 length wise and then it was the tug war to loose up the fibers... this is time consuming as one tug nothing happens and I really do tug fast and hard few times before a small part started to move.
Spinning the fiber wasn't really enjoyable part of it is rough and still couldn't draft as fine as I would like.
Now it is a 2 plies and when I washed it in cold water to set the twist it bleeds..............

At the moment I'm spinning the same fiber in the Angelfish colorway
The colours are nice but I'm finding the same problems as the previous I got to do the same steps to get to spin this one too.
Believe me this got nothing of the silk softness, it got some luster but it's about all it got.
I will finish spinning what I got and I won't recommend this to anyone ever.
I can say it's not only one batch problem as it was two different colors = two different batches.
It's not worth the pain and aggravation, I won't buy this fiber ever again.

This is my opinion from my experience with this fiber.
It's not the quality of fibers I'm used to from Louet, very disappointing.
I'll be happy to start something else next.


  1. Replies
    1. The blue for the blues :-) will be next.

  2. It doesn't sound like a fibre that suits handspinners at all. I do hope your next project is more enjoyable.

    1. No it's bad quality, the seller even call them and they told her *it's the way the fiber is and you have to work it to spin it* Then why would I buy a top if I have to work on it for 2 days before I could spin it? It's less work to card the same amount of fleece myself.